Learn 4 Signs Your Immune Health May Be At Risk

Immune health, and how to boost it, is front of mind for many in 2021 as we collectively navigate our way through a global pandemic. Keeping the body strong, and able to defend against foreign invaders, – such as viruses, bacteria, and allergens, is more important than ever. And, understanding when the immune system may be at risk, or in a weakened state, is helpful to know when it’s time to nourish and strengthen our body’s immune function.

Signs of a poor immune system are sometimes easy to recognize, such as when a person has an underlying health condition or during an infant’s earliest months. But for most of us, having a weak immune response isn’t known until we fall ill from a foreign bacteria or virus invading our body.

However, there are signs we can watch out for, physical signs that suggest a person’s immune system needs strengthening, prior to getting sick. And today, we’re sharing four key indicators your immune system is at risk,k and also, ideas on how to improve immune function naturally.

Chronic Inflammation: Increases Risk to Immune Health 

Inflammation is the human body’s response to most stressors. For example, skin that appears red after being scraped or cut is a visible sign of inflammation. Pain and swelling after a dental procedure or broken limb is another way the body uses inflammation when responding to trauma. Inflammation is necessary and a natural part of the body’s healing process.

Normal and healthy levels of inflammation mean the signs and symptoms of inflammation subside after you’ve recovered from an illness or injury. However, inflammation that persists for an extended period of time can weaken the body’s immune system. 

Signs of prolonged inflammation in the body can include:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Insulin resistance
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog

Chronic inflammation is a known culprit of poor immune function and some auto-immune conditions.

Lowering Inflammation Can Boost Immune Function

You can lower the risk of a poorly functioning immune system simply by decreasing inflammation levels within the body. In many cases, inflammation levels can be lowered naturally, using nutritional supplements and adopting minor lifestyle changes. 

Serrapeptase, a well-known natural, anti-inflammatory enzyme is effective to combat inflammation. This supplement is used by hospitals and doctors in the UK to treat pain in post-surgery patients. Taken daily, Serrapeptase supplements can be excellent at lowering chronic inflammation levels and reducing chronic pain. This is a helpful approach to boost your immune system’s health and function.

Digestive Troubles: Can Signal Poor Immune Health

Healthy Immune System Tips

Improper digestion and other digestive system problems can signal a person’s immune system health may be at risk. Some chronic digestive disorders, such as the autoimmune disorder Chrohn’s disease, are the result of a compromised immune system.

Digestive signs of a poor immune system can include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent gas or bloating
  • Constipation
  • Nausea

The digestive system and immune system are intimately connected. The immune system runs on nutrients from the foods we eat to maintain optimal performance levels. When the digestive system is off-balance or in distress, many vitamins and minerals may not be absorbed properly. This can hamper immune function because energy and nutrients needed by the immune system to function well are not readily available for absorption.

Digestive Aids Can Improve Immune Health

Improving digestion can be a complicated process if underlying medical conditions are the cause. For persistent or chronic digestion troubles, consult your doctor or health practitioner to help understand your unique condition and which digestive natural supplements may work best for you.

Health care providers may suggest adding a prebiotic and probiotic supplement to your health care plan that will aid in better digestion. Enerex’s collection of probiotic products are an exceptional option for those looking to improve digestion and immune health. Additionally, each of these products is stable at room temperature.

Enerex’s probiotic collection includes:

Easily Susceptible to Illness: A Clear Sign of Immune Health Risk

Do you seem to catch every cold, cough, and runny nose that goes around? When a person’s immune system is compromised or unable to function properly, they are likely to get sick more often than those who possess good immune health.

If you do fall ill easily, it’s important to add supplements to your daily health plan specific for nourishing and supporting the immune system. Taken daily, immune-boosting supplements, such as Enerex’s Reishi Defense, can help the body defend against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Examples of nutritional supplements known for improving immune health include:

When immune-boosting supplements are taken regularly, through dietary choices or nutritional supplements, keeping the immune system strong is easier.

High-Stress Levels: Increases Risk of Poor Immune Health

Stress is unavoidable and can actually sometimes be good for us. For example, intense physical exercise can improve cardiovascular and overall health. Or, the stress of an occasional tight work deadline can increase productivity levels in the workplace. Bursts of short, intense stress periods are often healthy for development and growth.

However, when too much stress is present in our lives, the strain of maintaining that heightened state is taxing on the body. Without proper rest and recovery after a stressful experience, the body can become weakened and more susceptible to illness and injury. Overt, prolonged stress can weaken your immune system’s ability to function optimally.

Tips to Manage Stress

Managing stress requires care and attention towards an individual’s lifestyle and inherent obligations. Stress can be introduced from different external sources and impacts each person differently. A key to managing personal stress is to identify the cause of stress and work to lower the negative impacts at the source.

Common ways to decrease stress levels can include:

  • Regular physical activity
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Connect with loved ones
  • Speak with a counsellor, therapist, or doctor
  • Add stress-reducing supplements to a nutrition plan
  • Lower consumption of alcohol and processed foods

Smoking and Vaping: Significant Risk to Immune Function

lung health supplements

Smoking, and vaping are each notorious for increasing the risk of poor health. While various cancers and heart disease are the most commonly known risks associated with smoking and vaping, these behaviours also increase the risk of developing an unhealthy immune system.

The best option to prevent damage to your immune system caused by smoking and vaping is to quit smoking or vaping. Other ways smokers can minimize the risks to their immune system can include:

  • Add supplements that aid lung function.
  • Increase physical activity.
  • Opt for nicotine products that are smokeless or vape-free, such as nicotine chewing gum.

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