UTI Relief and Prevention: 3 Key Elements of Good Urinary Tract Health

UTI Relief and Prevention

Millions of people suffer each year from the symptoms and effects of poor urinary tract health. Poor urinary tract health often leads to a urinary tract infection, commonly referred to as a UTI. UTI symptoms range in severity, but typically include discomfort or burning sensation when urinating, frequent and sudden urges to urinate, cloudy or red-tinted urine, and pelvic pain.

Have you experienced the pain and discomfort of a UTI? You’re not alone.

Both men and women can develop a UTI, but women tend to develop UTIs more often than men. Over 50% of women will experience the discomfort and pain of a UTI at least once in their lifetime. Of that 50% who contract a UTI, at least 25% of them will be prone to recurring urinary tract infections. The health and wellness of the body’s urinary tract are essential for maintaining good personal health and well-being.

How can good urinary tract health be improved? A solid way to prevent and fight UTIs is by taking measures to improve urinary tract health.  By making easy and simple adjustments, that are safe and natural, the health of your urinary tract system can easily improve. For a better understanding of how to prevent and treat common UTI’s, read the following information on the key elements of good urinary tract health.

Prevent Bacteria Build-Up Naturally

Bacteria can build-up in a urinary tract, eventually causing a UTI. Prevent bacteria, like E.coli, from causing an annoying infection with the use of proanthocyanins. Proanthocyanins are potent antioxidants found within cranberry fruit; they have a clinically proven efficacy against UTI’s. Proanthocyanins are most effective against UTI’s if taken as part of the whole fruit, not as an extract.

whole cranberries

Enerex Botanical’s UTI-X supplement contains the right proanthocyanins ideal for fighting an existing UTI’s as well as for the maintenance of good urinary tract health. It offers potent Hibiscus Flowers & Whole Cranberries; both components have been proven to reduce E.coli bacteria’s ability to cling to the sides of the urinary tract. 

Create Balance with Probiotics

Rebalance your bacterial environment with probiotics. By creating a balanced bacterial environment in your body, your urinary tract health can improve while reducing the likelihood of future UTIs from occurring. Attaining a stable bacterial

environment can be achieved by introducing the beneficial strains of bacteria, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, to the body.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are found in fermented and probiotic-fortified foods, like yogurt, and as natural health supplements. When choosing probiotics for urinary tract health, Enerex Botanical’s UTI-X formula incorporates probiotics ideal for lower urinary tract wellness. The UTI-X formulation contains select probiotics; probiotics that are the ultimate ones to protect the urinary system. Additionally, probiotics enhance the body’s immune system. 

Boost Immunity Naturally

Strengthening your immune system is essential to improve your body’s ability to fight off infections, like UTI’s. In addition to getting enough rest, regular exercise, and making healthy food choices, the body’s immune system can be improved with the addition of select minerals.

  • Selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral known for its immune-boosting abilities. Recent research has shown that Selenium can reduce lower UTI symptoms and has the potential to lesson other urinary issues.
  • Zinc. Fighting infection is Zinc’s best-known superpower. Zinc supplementation was found in a recent study to produce a faster recovery in patients with UTI’s.

Enerex Botanical’s UTI-X included Selenium and Zinc as part of the natural supplement’s formulation to give UTI sufferers the ultimate fighting power against unpleasant and uncomfortable UTIs.

UTI X urinary tract health

Use UTI-X for Natural and Effective UTI Relief

Enerex Botanicals UTI-X can improve urinary tract health by addressing three key elements impacting your lower urinary systems well-being:

Prevent bacteria from gaining a foothold in the urinary tract system. Create a balanced bacteria environment within your body. Boost your immunity with essential trace mineral supplements.

Buy UTI-X online through Health Connection.

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