How to Improve Health and Beauty With the Power of Nature

When browsing the beauty aisle of a local department store, can you easily pick out items that can improve both your inner health and outer beauty? Not a lot, right? Unfortunately, that’s likely because most readily available beauty products can only mimic the look of healthy skin; they can’t prevent the effects of aging.

To truly allow your inner beauty to shine, start by helping your body fight the aging process from the inside out. With a proper diet, regular exercise, and key anti-aging minerals, you can help slow the aging process. At the same time, natural sourced remedies can simultaneously strengthen and beautify the body.

Here are our top ways to harness the proven power of nature to slow the aging process and enhance your health.

Promote Collagen Formation With Bamboo Silica

Collagen is an essential protein naturally found in our bodies that keeps skin looking supple and wrinkle-free. It also helps support healthy hair, nails, and even bone health. As we age, the amount of collagen our body produces naturally decreases, and our outward appearance matures. Silica is an essential mineral that promotes the production of collagen proteins.

improve health with regular exercise

The benefits of Bamboo Silica go beyond boosting collagen production. While healthy hair, stronger nails, and supple skin are noticeable cosmetic benefits to increased collagen production, joints, bones, and muscles are also positively improved.

Supplements that increase collagen production levels can alleviate joint pain caused by arthritis. Additionally, growing collagen stores with the richest known source of silica extract, Bamboo Silica, can help to slow the aging process, both inside and out. Bone density loss, a health concern for people over the age of 45, especially women, can be reduced with increased levels of collagen.

Want more natural beauty support? Improve your skin’s appearance and reduce common skin conditions with Black Seed Oil. Learn more about the benefits of the ancient oil here.

Eliminate Toxic Aluminum For Good Brain Health

Heavy metal toxins can affect brain health -like Aluminum, Mercury, or Chromium, for example. Exposure to these toxins occurs regularly, as toxins are in almost every aspect of our surroundings. Fortunately, reducing the potentially harmful effects these toxins can have on our brain health can be done with natural resources.

Increasing Silicon levels can help our brain’s health. Silicon eliminates toxins from the body, including Aluminum. Aluminum is thought to be a causative factor for the development of Alzheimer’s disease. When a healthy level of silicon is present – achieved by the consumption of high-quality Silica supplements, it is better able to support proper brain function and health.

Increased Minerals Support Joint Strength and Elasticity

The elasticity and flexibility of our joints are important to keep our bodies moving freely and to reduce the risk of potential injury. When tendons and ligaments are kept healthy and stable, the body is better able to move -which also helps to maintain a more youthful and limber appearance.

Bamboo Silica Supplement

Silica is a key mineral with multiple anti-aging properties that help guard against the hardening and deterioration of elasticity in tissue. It can also reduce other risks associated with the aging process, like decreased bone density. Our bodies use silica that works with calcium to increase bone density and also form essential connective tissues. 

As we age, the body’s ability to absorb silicon naturally decreases, leading to classic signs of aging, like the appearance of wrinkles and stiff joints. But, by taking naturally sourced nutritional supplements with high concentrations of silica, depleted silica stores can be replenished. 

Support and Strengthen Bones

Brittle and weak bones don’t have to be a given as we get older. Supporting our bones with regular strengthening exercises, healthy diet choices, and nutritional supplementation can help support the skeletal system as we age. 

Calcium, -a well-known bone supporting mineral, is widely known for its role in maintaining good bone health. However, what is less commonly known, is that calcium absorption is drastically hampered if consumed in its pure form. When taken in combination with Magnesium, – another essential mineral the body needs, calcium absorption is greatly enhanced.

Using the right combination of minerals and whole food elements improves the body’s ability to absorb them. Thereby making good use of the essential nutrients and minerals needed to support and strengthen vital bone health.

Increase Energy with Anti-Aging Supplements

When signs of the aging process begin to interfere with daily activities, energy levels, and confidence, it’s likely time to consider adding essential minerals and vitamins to a healthy diet. Quality, natural botanical products, like those found in Health Connection’s online health store, are a safe option to reduce age-related health concerns and improve appearance.

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