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We are specialists in premium nutritional supplements. At HealthConnection.ca, we feel that in order to reach and maintain optimum health, one must incorporate all good nutrition and exercise into our daily living. We invite you to visit our website and explore all that we have to offer.

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Product Quality

Our quality control standards ensures that the consumer gets the highest quality products avialble.

To ensure product quality, the management of HealthConnection.ca requires all manufactures and suppliers to complete an eight page quality control letter before the introduction of any product to our shelves.

Answers to questions such as the following are required:

  • Do you manufacture your own products? If you do not, what guarantee do you have from your suppliers that quality control standards are maintained?
  • If you manufacture your own products, does your facility meet international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? Please, submit an outline of the GMP standards that your company employs.
  • Do you adhere to a specific code of ethics? If so, please submit a copy.
  • What qualifications do your senior production and quality control personnel have? Attach resumes of all senior production and quality control persons.

The high quality standard that HealthConnection.ca requires of its suppliers ensures that the consumer, obtains the highest quality products available and that the product label claims are accurate.

To view the quality products we carry at HealthConnection.ca be sure to visit our Products page.


HealthConnection.ca employs knowledgeable staff who are happy to help you with your questions. We are confident of the quality of our product lines, and we only carry what we feel are top quality brands. We feel that consumers are entitled to accurate information on products as they want to know exactly what they are consuming. Most companies today have web sites and email contacts to answer questions on a specific product or company, so find below the link to brand name company who’s products we sell. You will find an email contact on their website. Also, check our FAQ page for general queries and our responses.

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