10 Simple Steps to Level-Up Your Workout Routine

Does your workout leave you feeling energized and confident, or do you often feel bored, tired, and frustrated after a regular gym session? If you’re feeling less than stellar after many of your workouts, it’s probably a good time to review your workout plan and give it a tweak. 

But how should you approach optimizing your workouts? What steps should you take? Not sure? Don’t worry. You’re in the right place. Health Connection has practical tips in this article to get you started. 

In this article, we’ve gathered ten easy ideas to help you optimize workouts that increase your energy, improve your mood, and lower your health risks. You can use them before, during, and after your workout to recharge your exercise routine and help you achieve measurable results.

Are you ready to level up your workout regime? Grab your water bottle and get ready to learn amazing tips to get your workout routine moving forward.

Optimize Your Plan: Start with your Pre-Workout


Check Your Fuel Level 

Maximize your workout routine
Maximize your efforts with a nutrition-dense pre-workout boost.

Don’t work up a sweat on an empty tank. Just like with any powerful machine, you won’t very get far without the right fuel. Jumpstart your workout before it begins with an energizing pre-workout supplement, like Enerex’s Greens – Pure Green Energy. This super supplement is a clean, raw, and nutritionally dense organic drink that increases alertness and stamina.

It takes energy to burn energy; to maximize your physical rewards, fuel up properly before you exercise.

Make a Plan

You know the saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail?” Yep, that phrase also applies to workout plans. Before setting foot in the gym, have a clear strategy to focus on and know what you’re going to do. Is your goal to get in a cardio workout? Are you targeting a specific muscle group or increasing your distance on the treadmill?

By knowing what your objective is for your workout before you start, you’re more likely to achieve your desired physical goals.

Set Small Goals

Maintain your motivation to exercise by setting small, achievable, and realistic goals for yourself. Create focus points that work with your lifestyle, ones that you can maintain over a long period. Try setting short and long-term goals; short-term goals can keep your motivation high, pushing you forward towards your long-term achievements.

For short-term goals to keep you going, try the following:

  • Increase your maximum rep by one-to-three in a chosen strengthening exercise.
  • Try a pre-workout drink to amp your workout energy.
  • Try a new cardio machine or cardio exercise at the beginning of each month.
  • Incorporate new abdominal exercises to use every other week.

Aim for Fun

The more you enjoy an activity, the more willing you’ll be to keep doing it. Activities that help your body and are enjoyable are fantastic ways to stay focused on leveling-up your workout. Do you have a favorite sport? Consider joining a non-competitive sports club for a regular quality workout you’ll love.

Optimize Your Workout: Maximize Energy and Focus

Turn Off Your Phone

Tune in to your body and tune out media distractions as you exercise. Turn off your phone’s notifications, or even better, leave your phone in your locker or at home. Being present for yourself will deliver better results and enhance your experience.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your water bottle handy during physical exercise to keep your muscles lubricated and prevent injury. Drinking water throughout your workout is an easy way to avoid fatigue and muscle strain while being active.

Log your Efforts

Record your activity in a logbook or notebook that’s dedicated to tracking your workout habits and progress. Jotting down what your workout entails helps you measure your accomplishments. 

Optimize Your Recovery: Replenish and Reflect

Replenish Your Reserves

High energy workouts can quickly deplete your body’s reserve of electrolytes and nutrients. Help your body heal and recover with natural supplements designed for active people. Available from our online store, Enerex’s Greens – Pure Energy Greens is a perfect post-workout supplement to replenish essential nutrients, improve cardio performance, and revive your energy drain.

Use a natural support while doing intense workout
Help your body recover from an intense workout session with natural support.


Be sure to take time to stretch the muscles you fought to work into exhaustion. Regular stretching keeps your body limber, reduces injury risks, and is also good for the mind. Try stretching before bed to relax your muscles, quiet your body, and prepare yourself for sleep.

Reward Yourself!

Acknowledge your accomplishments and hard work by allowing yourself to enjoy a reward. Take yourself to a movie you’ve been dying to see, pick up healthy takeout for dinner, or invest in your body further and try new wellness supplements aimed towards improving athletic performance.

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