Men’s Health Month: It’s Time to Take Stock of Men’s Health

Without generalizing too much, it wouldn’t be out of the blue to say many men are not the greatest at monitoring their health.  Most of us know of at least one man who takes better care of his automobiles than his body! Regardless of the reasons contributing to poor health of our male population, the sad fact is that thousands of men in Canada come to suffer from preventable health concerns. 

June 15 – 21, 2020 is Men’s Health Week in Canada. It’s also the week we celebrate the Dads in our life, Father’s Day. Which makes June a fitting time to take stock, reflect, and support the overall health of all the great men in our lives! 

To show support for the men in your life, start by increasing your awareness of the most common health issues affecting Canadian men. You can ask questions like, “What are the most common health concerns for men?” Or, “What can be done to lower those risk factors?” 

Once you know the greatest health risks facing your Dad, husband, grandfather -or yourself, you’ll be better equipped to help improve yours, or a loved one’s, health and well-being.

Men’s Health Risk: Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the global leading cause of death among men. Heart attack, stroke, and hypertension are examples of heart disease.  Contributing factors to heart disease in men are:

Nutritional Supplements for Men
  • Unhealthy weight
  • Stress
  • Diabetes
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Poor diet choices
  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption

Decreasing a man’s risk for developing cardiovascular issues can be done with preventative measures that are both natural and effective. Eating more fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity levels, and reducing the amount of alcohol consumed are great ways for men to adjust their lifestyle and improve heart health.

Nutritional supplements fortified with Omega oils are another great way to boost men’s cardiovascular health, in addition to adjusting diet choices and physical activity. At Health Connection, we offer men safe and natural nutraceutical options that can improve their cardiovascular health.

Pay Attention to Men’s Brain Health

Men’s Brain health

When it comes to male brain health, there are multiple issues to be aware of. Younger men are more susceptible to experiencing anxiety and depression, yet many avoid seeking help due to stigma associated with poor mental health. As men age, the risk for men to develop serious brain diseases – like Alzheimer’s, increases. 

One thing is clear, brain health is important for men of all ages. An easy way for men to improve brain function is with Enerex’s Memoria, a nutraceutical supplement designed to enhance mental acuity and memory. With a little natural support, men can guard against brain disease while staying mentally sharp.

Men’s Sexual Health Matters

Male sexual health is essential to the overall health and well-being of all men. Experiencing a decrease in libido or erectile dysfunction are signs that the body isn’t operating as well as it should. When symptoms of poor sexual health occur, it’s important to consult a professional and determine the cause behind the problem.

Once a medical professional has eliminated that a potentially serious health issue is not causing unwelcome sexual health symptoms, there are natural solutions to consider. For a natural-sourced botanical option, try Enerex’s Satisfaction. Satisfaction is a unique formulation containing nature’s top libido boosters ideal for men.

Make a Connection to Men’s Health 

This Men’s Health Week, when you honour your dad and remember the men in your life, think about how you can help them reach more milestones. Quality supplements easily provide a simple, highly effective way to boost the health of all the men in your life. Your father, husband, brother, or best-friend deserves the encouragement and support to enhance their well-being for years to come.

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