Are there Natural Options to Help Reduce Pain and Inflammation?

When seeking treatment to alleviate pain caused by inflammation, like rheumatoid arthritis, for example, there are safe and natural options available. Options that are scientifically backed and do not have harmful side effects, like those from NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug), a class of drugs commonly used to alleviate pain and inflammation. 

The side-effects from NSAID pain medications are so significant that in 2005, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health warning about the hazards associated with NSAID use. According to an article in 2013 in AJMC, the FDA reported in 2005 that, “NSAIDs should be administered at the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration consistent with individual patient treatment goals.” Furthermore, there are approximately 16,500 deaths annually in the US caused by complications related to NSAID use.

Such alarming statistics have led many to ask the question:

How can we treat pain without causing other, potentially worse, problems?

Natural Options for Pain and Inflammation

Fortunately, extensive research has led to the development of products that relieve pain and inflammation without causing harmful side effects. These popular alternatives to NSAIDs are holistic, which means they rely on the natural healing properties of plants and living organisms to provide relief and eases pain from inflammation. What’s more, many of the natural ingredients used for pain relief can actually help the body heal resulting in pain relief and improved long-term wellness.

Research suggests natural sources with healing elements with anti-inflammatory effects include:

  • Serrapeptase. A natural enzyme that breaks down scar tissue, resulting in a decrease of inflammation throughout the body.
  • Turmeric. A popular spice used in robust, flavourful dishes, turmeric contains curcumin. Curcumin is well-known for its impressive anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Devil’s Claw. A flowering plant native to South Africa, Devil’s Claw, is used to relieve discomfort and symptoms associated with inflammatory diseases, like gout or arthritis.
  • Bromelain. An extract found in a pineapple’s juice and stem, Bromelain is an enzyme used to reduce inflammation and pain.

Natural Products for Pain and Inflammation at Health Connection

At Health Connection, we understand that managing pain caused by acute inflammation can be difficult, especially for those who experience persistent or even chronic inflammation and pain. If you’re concerned about the long-term physical implications of regular over-the-counter or prescription NSAID use, it’s time to try a safe and gentle option to manage your pain and inflammation.

We offer some of the finest choices of natural health products, including ones specifically designed to combat chronic pain and inflammation in the body. Pain X, a superior formula from the trusted team at Enerex Botanicals, is an ideal mix of pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Comprised of the top-natural solutions for pain and inflammation, Pain X is a powerful, yet gentle, pain solution.

If you feel pain from a strong inflammatory response in your body, try a safe solution. Pain X’s herbal remedy has the ability to provide quick and effective pain relief, without compromising your overall health and well-being, making Pain X an optimal choice for those seeking a new alternative to OTC and prescription NSAIDs.

Buy Pain X online through Health Connection.

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